Friday, January 06, 2006

Template issues?

I don't know why today's feed via FeedBlitz (the email notification of new posts) showed up with only post titles instead of the usual snippet of text. I did tinker with the some of the options in Feedburner (the software that sends out the feed) so that you could start emailing this baby all over the world. (One always allows oneself to dream.) Today's notification came with just that: a post title and an option to email. [sigh]

I also tinkered with the template last night. I continue to try to find ways for readers to dig into the blog. The front page only shows a few posts, the most recent ones, and the rest scroll off into "archives." The archives are all nice and tidy, but how do you know what you're going to get when you click on, say, "March 2005"? The little Google search function didn't actually work for me when I tested it with the word "condoms." Given how many rants I've posted about the War on Condoms, I expected more results. No joy.

To enhance access to the site, I've been working on a couple of things. One is, of course, still in the works, since it involves a lot of manual effort. Another was the TagCloud thingie. I found a tagcloud generator that would search for keywords in my posts and added it last night. The intention was to have at least a box where you could see the most common 30 or 40 keywords and click on one to find all of the posts that contained that key word. Right now, the darned thing is just sitting there, telling me to be patient. Hmph! Maybe I put something in the wrong place on the template. (Fools rush in . . .)

I'll keep tinkering with it, but apologies in the meantime for the anemic feed.

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