Monday, January 23, 2006

Fraud brochures now on Texas AIDS Net

The Texas AIDS Health Fraud Information Network published a brochure, "Don't Gamble with Your Health," a while back. (The brochure is also available in Spanish, "No juegue con su vida!") The task force uses the brochures to help folks recognize the red flags that pop up in advertising for products that often turn out to be fraudulent.

Now and then, the task force gets a request to have a brochure mailed out. In talking (well, emailing back and forth) about a recent request, someone said that we ought to have the brochures available for downloading. Several folks agreed. While having that all-important first cup of coffee, I decided to scan the brochures and convert them to PDF files. (It will take more than one cup of coffee to get more creativity here.)

Eventually, these files may show up on the TAHFIN web site. In the meantime, I've posted them on Texas AIDS Network's website in the Health Fraud section (scroll down to "Resources" and don't forget that these are about 500K PDF files).

(Drat! I lost one of the sidebars again! There are days when I want to beat FrontPage with a stick!)

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