Thursday, January 05, 2006

New toys!

Busy days, these. Not the least of my efforts has been focused on fiddling with the blog (you are here) and the web site (you can go there).

One new thing that you can see to the right is my shiny new donation button. With some trial and error, I figured out how to get it into the sidebar. Now you can click on it and make a secure donation to Texas AIDS Network. Tell your friends! ;)

The donation site is provided by the National Alliance for Choice in Giving. They will take a 5 percent cut of your donation (charge cards cost those who accept them for payment), and send the rest to us. We'll do good things with it!

The other new thing is a set of calendars for our web site. They can be found through the link to Important Dates. Right now, the calendars include HIV awareness events, office-closed holidays (some of us like to know these things), and election events. The latter are provided because registering to vote and voting matter a lot these days. As the information becomes available, we will also add Texas HIV conferences, Meet the Need campaign events, and anything else that looks like an Important Date.

If you are aware of an event of importance to the Texas HIV/AIDS community, please let us know via email (tan AT texasaids DOT net). We'll post as many of them as we can.

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