Thursday, January 19, 2006

Global health facts

The Kaiser Family Foundation has created a new website--Global Health Facts--to aggregate health data in a useable format. According to their press release:

The site provides access to detailed information on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, as well as data on demographic and economic indicators, other emerging health problems and program funding, and financing. New and updated data will be added regularly, and users can sign up for free email alerts with updates at

I dinked around the site and found a table that listed the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in each country around the world and the global total (est. 40,300,000). By clicking on the column that showed the ordinal rank of each country, the data resorted to show that information. Eaither I didn't know or I had forgotten that the United States was in the top 10 among the nations for people living with HIV/AIDS. All the rest were in Africa, except #2, India.

I'd do my usual spiel about our needs here at home, except that I have a visual image somewhere in my memory bank of the continental US being overlaid on a map of Africa three times; Kenya (#8) is slightly smaller than Texas but has more than 300,000 more people living with HIV/AIDS. With numbers like these, let's just skip the spiel and file this one as a resource for the 25th Anniversary Score Card. (Preview: AIDS deaths - 3,100,000; Cures - 0.)

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