Friday, January 13, 2006

Medicare Part D: Don't mess with Texas (HIV Medication Program)

Just had a chat with Dwayne Haught, director of the Texas HIV Medication Program, about how Medicare Part D transitions were progressing over there. The good news is that, while there are glitches all over the place, all THMP clients do and will remain on the program until their transition to Medicare Part D is settled. This means not only that they are signed up for an appropriate pharmacy benefit program but that they receive their meds and get the proper subsidy for their income level.

I suspected that this was the case, since the staff at THMP have been doing a lot of work to plan for the transition. They predicted many of the very challenges that are confronting other states and programs--long waits for information, conflicting information, errors in formularies, general foul ups in reimbursement, and so on. The decision to actually be a safety net in this transition is no surprise. It certainly is another reason to be proud of the commitment that Dwayne and other THMP staff members have to serving clients of the program.

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