Friday, January 06, 2006

HRSA explains Medicare Part D

The following item came via yesterday's email from the HIV/AIDS Bureau at HRSA:

*** HRSACAREAction Addresses Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Programs***
The latest issue of the HRSACAREAction newsletter addresses the new Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Programs. Included in this issue is: the new Medicare Drug Plan's implications for people living with HIV/AIDS; an overview of the Medicare Part D Drug Coverage Program; what counts toward true out-of-pocket costs; special requirements for formulary inclusion of antiretrovirals; the CARE Act and Part D Policies; and Federal resources. - To view this issue go to: <>.

The page is all that it is said to be and more--quite a useful reference tool. However, one does have to wonder why the "latest issue" is dated October 2005 and is only now being announced by HAB. Worse, from the standpoint of my tired eyes, the site is presented in little tiny type which can't be increased in size via my browser. Perhaps your eyes/browser will work better. It's definitely worth a read if you are concerned about the impact of Medicare Part D on persons living with HIV/AIDS.

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