Wednesday, January 11, 2006

More Katrina resources

Austin Free-Net, also a member of Another Way Texas Shares, has notified us of a web-based resource that they have developed for case managers who are working with Katrina evacuees. The site includes links to forms and resources for assisting evacuees with Medicaid, housing and other services.

As a reminder, clients who would like assistance from the Texas HIV Medication Program must now get a waiver from Texas Medicaid. Their notice:

As of November 2005, all Katrina evacuees applying for assistance to the THMP ust FIRST apply for a Texas Medicaid waiver, which will be available to all evacuees through January 31, 2006. You can call either 2-1-1 or the Hurricane Evacuation Hotline at 1-888-312-4567 for information and referral to your local Texas Medicaid office. Please note that the THMP is required to be the payer of last resort AFTER you have exhausted your prescriptions through Louisiana or Texas Medicaid. Louisiana Medicaid recipients can use a mail order pharmacy in Louisiana such as Avita Drugs to obtain their medications; you can call Jerry Purcell with Avita Drugs at 1-800-299-0547 for additional information.

See THMP's news page and scroll down to the September 1 (updated November 30) news story for more information. (Sorry, they don't have bookmarks for a more specific link.)

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