Friday, January 27, 2006

Disproportionate impact on women of color

The Kaiser Family Foundation web site has an archived copy of the webcast of "HIV/AIDS: The Disproportionate Impact of Women of Color in the U.S." (originally broadcast 1/10/2006).

Panel members of this briefing, sponsored by amfAR, Society for Women's Health Research and Women's Policy, Inc., discuss the disproportionate impact of HIV/AIDS on women of color, share experiences relevant to understanding this major health disparity and devise strategies to address the issue.

The page also includes a transcript of the event and downloadable files of the panelists' support slides. Among the gems in the slides is Cynthia Gomez' recommendations for "needed changes":

  • Improved education and sexual education
  • Universal/accessible healthcare, including coverage for immigrants in U.S. <>
  • Specific economic options for women
  • Stronger enforcement against domestic and sexual violence
  • Culturally and linguistically tailored services
  • Unlinking HIV, immigration, and citizenship
  • More alternatives such as microbicides
  • More programs that target heterosexual men
While some of these are familiar themes in the discussion of HIV, some are not--and yet they relate to factors that help drive the epidemic. There is more new thinking in the webcast. Give it a listen.

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