Friday, December 30, 2005

Top Ten Favorite Posts

After reviewing the posts for 2005, I found that there were several that I rather liked for various reasons. I selected these for my personal “Top Ten,” again, for various reasons. Ranking them was not as hard as I thought it would be.


October 19, Medicare Part D: Texas Stand-Alone PDPs--Not exactly terrific writing, but, because I was so specific in listing individual plans, I seem to be getting a lot of traffic for this post. Would that some of these folks would dink around the site and subscribe. [hint]


October 26, Live Blogging Coburn's Amendment--Not so much real live blogging as learning how to use the technology. Fun, but very time-consuming. I hope to do more of this (and better) next year.


December 7, Beer causes AIDS--It's not that this essay was so great; I just like saying "Beer causes AIDS." It's more fun than "Get high, get stupid, get AIDS." Perhaps we need to work on my sense of humor . . . :)


November 4, Cuts to State HIV Services on the Horizon--Sometimes my day is just one big blur of meetings. What I like about this post is having had the luxury of time to write up the results of one meeting and put it in perspective.


April 12,'s my personal opinion that the current war on condoms is not so much a matter of ignorantly passing along incorrect information as one of deliberately presenting inaccurate and skewed information in order to accomplish a not-so-hidden moral agenda while claiming to be aiming for disease prevention. That's fraud on two levels. Besides, I really like to use the word "disinformation." It sounds just about as evil as the program it describes.


October 31, Katrina Evacuees Get Meds in Texas--Again, not so much the writing as the experience. I was very proud of the speed with which THMP acted in the face of this emergency and similarly proud of the generosity of the pharmaceutical companies that supply meds for the program. They really stepped up when needed.


May 9, Five Questions: The Fifth Question--I just love it when I get to talk all anthropological.


December 19, Oh, those Canadian pharmacies!--This one has everything: research, follow up to past posts, snark, original conclusions, and the all important public service announcement. Did I mention snark?


December 16, Labels and discrimination--I enjoyed writing this essay, both because I like the challenge of pulling assorted threads of thought together and because this issue is something that really matters to me. The only thing that would have made this one better is a whole slew of responses to the question at the end.


November 30, About abstinence--This is an essay that I also enjoyed writing. It sums up my own thoughts rather nicely. While I do mostly strive for a neutral point of view in making the reports for this blog, I also recognize that personal opinion and some snarkiness do creep in. It is a relief sometimes just to "let it all hang out" and not worry about getting the NPOV thing right.

With that, I'm through for the year. See you next year with more news and information for the Texas HIV/AIDS community. In the meantime, stay safe over this holiday weekend as we look forward to new beginnings.

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