Sunday, December 18, 2005

The war on drugs and HIV

An article in the current issue of AIDS reports

that legal repressiveness may have little deterrent on drug injection and may have a high cost in terms of HIV and perhaps other diseases among injectors and their partners - and that alternative methods of maintaining social order should be investigated, the authors concluded.

That would be because their research showed no correlation between injecting drug use and "legal repressiveness" but did show a positive correlation between law enforcement activities and the incidence of HIV in the IDU population.

It's food for thought anyway.

"Relationships of Deterrence and Law Enforcement to Drug-Related Harms Among Drug Injectors in US Metropolitan Areas" AIDS Vol. 20; No. 1: P. 93-99, (01.02.2006) Samuel R. Friedman; Hannah L.F. Cooper; Barbara Tempalski; Maria Keem; Risa Friedman; Peter L. Flom; Don C. Des Jarlais

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