Tuesday, December 13, 2005

New donation button

One thing I forgot to mention before I hit the road last week was that I made a new button for our web site. [proud parent-type smile] It's a link to the page on the NACG web site that allows you [encouraging smile] to make a secure donation to Texas AIDS Network with your very own credit card.

I've been re-working our web site this month to make it look a little spiffier and to update assorted pages and sections. It will take a while to work my way through the entire site, and it is apparently going to take a while to figure out how to get that pretty new button on to the front page. Right now you have to go to the What's New page to find it and then scroll down to December 8. Sigh.

If that isn't hard enough, I can hardly wait until I try to put the button on this blog. Ai yi yi! Even so, follow the link, scroll down, click the button, and try it out. ;)

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