Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A milestone and some progress

That last post was the 200th post on Texas AIDS Blog.

That shows progress [clapping hands], but it also shows that in the 14 months we've been publishing the blog, there have been some gaps. In October, we started making the effort to get at least one post up for each day. In November, we succeeded, with 30 posts for "30 days hath November." This month we're working on our variety. While the topics covered will remain within the framework of "news and information for the Texas HIV/AIDS community," the kinds of articles will, we hope, have a better mix of original news, media analysis, and other types of stories. With the holidays--and yet another road trip coming up this week--getting in 31 posts with the balanced mix that we are striving for will be quite a challenge. We'll see how we've done in the new year.

On another but similar note, our webmaster woes may have improved. (We're only cautiously optimistic because of that blinking orange light on the modem.) Our web host--Web Site Source--fixed our FrontPage extensions first thing Monday morning. They've always been good about answering my newbie questions and quick to take care of problems, but this was extra fine. So the next problem came when the modem started blinking at me. When the orange light turned to red and stayed there for several hours, I got fed up and called the ISP. A line check showed that there was a problem "downstream." They came out this morning and found corrosion in the phone connection box. Once that was replaced, everything was green.

Until now. And that blinking orange light has turned to red. This is not good (so they don't get a link).

Still, never say die. We made substantial progress on the web site yesterday, getting a couple of information pages updated and making a good start on revising and updating a major section "all about" Texas AIDS Network. Check out our new front page. It has buttons!

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