Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Loose Ends

As the year draws to an end, I've been looking back over this year's posts on Texas AIDS Blog. I was looking for "the year's best posts," but I also found some loose ends. There were several posts that indicated that there would be some follow up, but there wasn't. A few of these things, I have to say, do show up in the list of posts on my control panel as drafts that didn't get finished (can you say "interruption"?). Still, loose ends at year's end need to be tied up.

Here are some of those loose ends and my thoughts on how to tie them up:

May 4, Five Questions--Brad from AIDS Combat Zone asked me five questions. I managed to answer Questions Two and Five. There is an unfinished draft of Question One (What do you see as today's biggest barrier to helping people living with HIV/AIDS in Texas?) in the control panel. I don't know what happened that stopped me from finishing it, but that was at a critical time of the legislative session. I plan to finish the draft and answer the remaining questions to tie up this loose end.

November 11, Medicare Part D Update from THMP (Part I)--Well, Part I implies Part II. There was some follow up provided in this post, but I still should have continued reporting on that meeting. However, the issues of Medicare's prescription drug benefit will not disappear from our radar in the near future, so we will try to incorporate news from THMP on this subject in our other posts.

November 14, FDA Proposed New Rules for Condoms--This was a good report, but it omitted information about how to comment on the rules. I've remedied that while I'm still compiling this post. (You didn't think I wrote it all today, did you?)

December 2, 3 x 5: Failure and politics--I noted that Robert Bazell had issued something of a "challenge" regarding the role that advocacy has played in relation to HIV prevention. I said that we should take the challenge and talk about the issues. I did start an essay on the subject, but then wandered off to other things. I have not forgotten this challenge and will return to it in the coming weeks (rather than days, as noted in the original post).

If you find other loose ends that you think should be tied up, do please note them in the comments.

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