Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Live Blogging Coburn's Amendment

Well, sorta. The whole thing only had two minutes for debate. Coburn spoke for it; the two senators from Georgia spoke against it; then Senator Harkin popped up to say that this is the wrong way to fund ADAP.

Turns out that Coburn wants to get his $60 million from funding already designated for improving facilities at the Centers for Disease Control (which just happen to be in Georgia). Oopsie! That's definitely not a good choice.

Harkin said that there would be an amendment coming up later to add $72 million to ADAP (an increase of the increase!) which does not take money from the CDC. I'm looking for the amendment to see which one it is.

While waiting for the vote, it's interesting to see CSPAN2 show that the Coburn amendment provides dollars for "construction & renovation of facilities" at CDC. No mention of HIV. Way clue in the public, guys!

Hutchison votes no, Cornyn votes aye.

Ayes: 14

Nays: 85

Coburn amendment fails.

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