Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Medicare Part D: Texas Stand-Alone PDPs

October 15 was Medicare's target date for announcing the Prescription Drug Plan for the various states. A PDF file listing the Prescription Drug Plans approved for Texas as of October 10 can be found at:

What the PDP table shows is that there are 20 different providers offering a total of 47 different plans for Texas. Premiums range from a low of $10.31 (Humana) to a high of $59.51 (Silverscript). Somewhat less than half of the plans show that there will be "no premium with full low income subsidy."

Somewhat more than half show that there will be no deductible charges. Three have a reduced deductible; the remainder will charge the standard $250 deductible. Almost all will have a tiered co-pay for drugs (e.g., a lower co-pay for generic drugs).

Six will have some sort of additional coverage during the "doughnut hole" (coverage gap). Offering generics only will be:
  • AETNA Medicare Rx Plus
  • AETNA Medicare Rx Premium
  • CIGNATURE Rx Complete Plan
  • Pacificare Comprehensive Plan
  • Medicare Rx Rewards Premier

Humana PDP Complete S5884-050 will offer both generics and brand drugs in the coverage gap. All six of these plans have comparatively higher premiums, but not necessarily the highest.

All but Community Care Rx offer mail order delivery.

There is also a column which indicates how many of the "top 100" drugs are on the plan's formulary, but I'm not seeing that as a useful bit of information right now.

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