Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Churches find AIDS ministry

If anyone doubts that World AIDS Day has a purpose in focusing attention on the HIV epidemic and makes a difference when it does, this Miami Herald article might change your mind. While the article does point to the harm that some persons of faith have done to both the progressin dealig with and the persons affected by HIV, and it makes a point of emphasizing that this new attention by churches is "late to the table," I am reminded of the woman who was Board chair when I was hired by Texas AIDS Network in 1991.

She was part of RAIN, the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network, and constantly inspired me by providing a living example of what her work was about. She was also a complete contrast to the hateful things being preached in other parts of the faith community, reminding me daily that tolerance cuts both ways (so I needed to work on mine). She moved out of state; we lost contact.
Out of curiosity, I have tried to track down the remnants of the old RAIN and TRAIN (Texas Regional AIDS Interfaith Network). TRAIN was a project of the Texas Conference of Churches and appears to have ended. What is nice about all of this is that it has opened the door for a new dialogue with TCC about what Texas churches can do about AIDS in Texas (lots!) Wish me luck!

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