Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another tag cloud

I'm making another attempt at creating a tag cloud for Texas AIDS Blog. We still need some way for people to use key words (other than the search boxes provided by Google (above left) and Technorati (right sidebar) to dig into the content here. The need is even greater now that I realize my tendency to "get creative" on article titles rather than give you the dry details of "this is what it's about."

Anyhoo, this tag cloud is generated by Zoom Clouds. While it doesn't seem to look like the template that I created on their site (no border, too wide, etc.), but, if it actually gets at word usage, I'll be satisfied.

Of course, it's word usage that then becomes the issue, isn't it? Unless Blogger comes up with a way to create tags that doesn't involve a degree in computer programming, we have to rely on these automatic things that simply count word frequencies rather than looking at key concepts. That's how we get "partner" but not "partner notification." That's also how we get "white" but not "Ryan White."

It's also worth noting that, while I set the parameters for "forever," there is no actual expectation that this cloud generator will go back and pick up posts from the past, so the tags, such as they are, will likely only refer to posts going forward. If the program actually updates when the blog updates, we'll take it.

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