Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Write the President about Hep C awareness

Well, forevermore! What could he be thinking?

In March, Texas AIDS Network joined with the Hepatitis C Appropriations Partnership and the National Hepatitis C Advocacy Council by signing on to a letter requesting that the President declare May to National Hepatitis C Awareness Month. Now we get a message saying that the President (or his minions--whatever) have rejected the request.


We have National Hangnail Awareness Month in this country, for garden seed! Take a look at the calendars on Texas AIDS Net and you will see a host of health awareness days, weeks, and month.

Is President Bush thinking that, if we don't acknowledge Hep C, it will go away? Is he worried that the public will discover Hep C and then think that something should be done about it?

Well, he's right on the last point. So send him a letter. Sheesh!

NOTE: Hep C Awareness Month has been added to our May calendar. See how easy it was, Mr. President?

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