Monday, February 27, 2006

A few more changes

Not so many, I suppose. I've been working on accessibility for the site in several ways. As I mentioned before, I created tables of contents for past years and stashed them on Texas AIDS Net. I've now started posting tables of contents for 2006. The list for January is up, and February (which isn't quite over yet) will be posted in a few days. I do, of course, need to get some link or other up on the sidebar to show visitors where to find them. That will mean, I think, messing with the archive listing, which is why I've dawdled on this chore.

The ClustrMap has been running for nearly a month now and is starting to show some bubbles. Comparing the number of visitors and their locations to what I'm finding in Tracksy (our method for tracking web visitors), the two don't match. One shows more visitors; the other shows more places. Huh? Arizona, Maryland, and DC don't show up on the map, and the big fat bubble in the middle of Texas must be me. I've found another mapping system, which I will look at a bit more in the next few days. If it's easy to install, you may see a new map in the sidebar. This map is more interactive, so you'll have to do some of the work.

I've been doing a bit more to promote Texas AIDS Blog by making sure that it's linked in assorted blog directories. At some point, I began to lose count of these. The newest link is in Syndic8. We've also printed up some push cards to begin, well, pushing a bit to remind colleagues and friends to subscribe to the blog. Feel free to do a little pushing yourselves if you know someone who might be interested in joining us.

Speaking of joining us, we hope to have a happy announcement of a new team member soon. Stay tuned for that.

The Tag Cloud was a fun idea, but it didn't work out. As you may recall, the hope was to have key words from the articles posted listed by frequency in a "cloud" of "tags." The program worked for a couple of days and then stopped. I contacted about this and got a very prompt and courteous response. However, they've grown faster than their capacity to handle the load and, while they're hoping for new funding (aren't we all?), they have not yet been able to get service back up to speed. I will be deleting the tag cloud shortly.

Also the FeedBlitz service was out for a couple of days last week. Combining that with the holiday at the beginning of the week, I saved up a bunch of posts. Hope you took the week to catch your breath!

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