Thursday, May 11, 2006

New search tool (and routine testing)

In reviewing the stats on Texas AIDS Blog readership, as rudimentary as they are, I've discovered a new search tool for blogs. It's called Sphere, and you use it to see whether a particular web page has been discussed in various blogs.

Sphere is a bit clunky to use for MSIE, but it might be handier in those other browsers . . . uh . . . Foxfire, Safari (?). As clunky as it is, I have been discovering an active dialogue about routine testing and other issues that I would not have seen otherwise.

Here are some examples on routine testing:

Well, the last one wasn't a blog, but it still showed up. [shrug]

The Daily Kos debate is an interesting discussion that reveals a strong willingness to let public health tools do their work while raising the same alarms--confidentiality, discrimination--that are ringing in the back of my mind. The Kos discussion also got sidetracked by a bit of AIDS denialism, so, if you don't like to "read shrillness," you have some scrolling to do for the whole routine testing discussion.

Other interesting finds on the same search, but not actually on the point of routine testing, are articles appearing on:

Sphere is not the perfect blog search tool, but it's a useful addition to Technorati and other such like.

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