Thursday, May 18, 2006

Behind closed doors

A Senate Committee is working on a draft of the Ryan White CARE Act in closed sessions. Information about the expected funding distribution formula has been trickling out from various sources, and NAPWA has managed to get its hands on the draft that the Senate Committee is working from. The bill still hasn't been filed in the Senate, so it has no number. (To read it, you need to have a copy of the current Ryan White CARE Act so that you can see the changes that this bill will be making.)

I'm still reading, so I can't say much about the draft. However, my first take on the formula is that Texas will wind up with about the same amount of money at current funding levels, but it will be shifted around. Houston and Dallas will get increases. Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth will get decreases. So will the rest of the state's Title II areas and the Texas HIV Medication Program. THMP's hit will be in excess of $5 million. That hit will hit next April (or thereabouts)--and we've got a looming shortfall.

Read on--and let me know what you are finding.

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