Monday, May 08, 2006

Partner notification: MIkey likes it

"A Systematic Review of HIV Partner Counseling and Referral Services: Client and Provider Attitudes, Preferences, Practices, and Experiences" Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Vol. 33; No. 5: P. 320-328 (05..06):: Warren F. Passin, MPH, MSW; Angela S. Kim, MPH; Angela B. Hutchinson, PhD, MPH; Nicole Crepaz, PhD; Jeffrey H. Herbst, PhD; Cynthia M. Lyles, PhD; the HIV/AIDS Prevention Research Synthesis Project Team

An interesting article on partner notification programs suggests that clients are willing to participate but providers don’t seem to refer them to the programs.

Say what? Partner notification is a key tool in HIV prevention. How is it that providers are missing this point? And which providers are doing so—physicians, STD clinics? I’m guessing it’s physicians, since STD clinics and other such testing programs would fall under requirements to participate in partner notification programs. Perhaps a little Public Health 101 is needed for the docs.

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