Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tinkering under the hood

Actually I can do that. At least I could when I had my old VW beetle. But that's another story, and today's tinkering was with the blog. Herewith the changes:
  • I finally got rid of the tag cloud. It never seemed to do anything. Perhaps we'll have that bit of Web 2.0 some other day.
  • I added a manual link to the blog's home page in the sidebar, since I managed to lose whatever automatic link had been there when I removed the tag cloud. Oopsie! If you decide to go exploring, you can always find your way home now by clicking on "Home." Original, no?
  • I added links to the Tables of Contents that I created for the blog. These are posted on Texas AIDS Net with links back to each individual post. The TOC for 2006 is updated each month. Now you (and any wandering visitors) can click on the year's TOC, find a complete list of posts for that year, and pick and choose your reading without quite so much scrolling.
  • I [proud look] made much use of the [center] command in the sidebar and [prouder look] rescued myself from several instances of open commands, including, sadly the [center] command. Well, trial and error worked on the VW, too, y'know.

No doubt there will be more tinkering later on. A woman's work is never done . . .

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