Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Letters to the editor

I spent a fair chunk of the day writing letters to the editor. One went to the Dallas Morning News to respond to an op-ed related to the Vatican's new review of condoms for HIV prevention. The other went to the Austin American-Statesman to respond to an article about the CDC's new proposal on routine HIV testing.

Several points arise:
  • LTE's are an effective way to get your ideas out to the public (if you can get them published).
  • LTE's have to be written and submitted very quickly in relation to the news item that triggers them.
  • I probably wouldn't have noticed either of these articles had they not been sent to me by readers (L in Austin, J in Dallas--and thank you to both of them).

We are now in the waiting stage--waiting for a confirmation call that says that the paper(s) are interested in the letter, waiting for publication (if and when).

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