Thursday, May 25, 2006

Another KFF resource

The Kaiser Family Foundation is something of a one-stop shop these days for information about health care policy and trends in the US and, to some extent, around the world. Recently, presumably because I subscribe to a couple of their e-newsletters, I received a questionnaire in which I was asked to evaluate some of their online resources. It was pretty standard: have you seen this? was it useful? what would make it better?

One of the things that I hadn't seen is their EDU site: is designed to provide students, faculty and others interested in learning about health policy easy access to the latest data, research, analysis, and developments in health policy. This site includes narrated slide tutorials, background reference libraries, and issue modules on current topics and policy debates.

The topics covered include health and the law, HIV/AIDS, prescription drugs, and other areas of interest to the Texas HIV/AIDS community.

Here's a sample of the resources offered:

Another useful resource for creating talking points.

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