Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Texas AIDS eNews

Texas AIDS Network is about to launch an electronic newsletter, Texas AIDS eNews. The newsletter will be published via email for Network members and donors. Folks who are neither but who are still interested in receiving the eNews can subscribe by filling out a form on Texas AIDS Net.

I have dithered about whether to sign up subscribers from Texas AIDS Blog and have opted for user privacy. I would so like to to send you all our action alerts and newsletter, but it seems a tad intrusive to take advantage of access to your email addresses on the Blog. (Besides, some subscribers don't use FeedBlitz, so I don't have your email addresses anyway.) So, if you wanna (subscribe to the eNews) you gotta (subscribe to the eNews).

As the first issue will tell you, Texas AIDS eNews includes news and information about issues that are important to the Texas HIV/AIDS community. It will also provide information about Texas AIDS Network programs and activities and updates about Texas AIDS Net and Texas AIDS Blog. As subscribers to the Blog, you get some of this information already, so you will have a bit of deja-vu-all-over-again when you read the eNews. OTOH, some of it is not included here, so there will be some actual new news. :)

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