Tuesday, April 04, 2006

More cuts in Congress

Cuts of the unkindest sort are being discussed in Congress this week. Yesterday, we pointed to the potential cuts in Ryan White funds that would occur if the President's budget numbers were accepted. Today, we are reminded that the cuts could include cuts to education, services for children, food aid for senior citizens and more.

The Coalition on Human Needs is providing a toll free number (800-459-1887) for you to use to call your member of Congress. Your message could be something like:

I am calling to urge Rep. __________ to vote against the budget resolution if it forces cuts in nutrition aid, health care, education/training, housing, and other essential services. If the funding is as low as the President's budget, vulnerable people, from infants to the elderly, will lose needed services. Please do not sacrifice these essential priorities for tax breaks that favor the rich.

Several Texas members of Congress will have key roles to play in budget and appropriations activities, but they all need to be contacted by their constituents at this critical point in budget discussions.

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