Monday, April 17, 2006

Those Medicare prescription drug plans

Steve DeCorte coordinates The Advocacy Project. He's been working hard to figure out the ins and outs of the new Medicare Part D drug benefit. The end result is a publication called: "Medicare Prescription Drug Plans for People with HIV/AIDS."


Steve spent hours at, entering the names of drugs and searching the database to find out which drugs were offered by which Texas plan. He put it all into one spreadsheet so that others wouldn't have to do the tedious and maddening searches for themselves.

Although the drug lists can change rather quickly, Steve's booklet makes a good starting point for those who still haven't figured out which plan is best for their circumstances.

The Advocacy Project is a community volunteer coalition that advocates as one voice at the Federal level to raise the visibility of HIV/AIDS related issues and to aid in effecting changes in legislation, appropriations and education. For information about The Advocacy Project, call 832-922-0849 or email theadvocacyproject AT

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