Thursday, April 13, 2006

Negative results

The science guys pretty much hate it when their hypotheses aren't borne out by their research, but they console themselves by recognizing that negative results also represent progress. They may not know what the answer is yet, but they have at least found out what is not the answer.

My own negative results this week came with the discovery of Google's new calendar feature. I have been looking for something that would allow me to show posts to Texas AIDS Blog on a calendar, so this seemed like a good thing to try. It would be web-based. There is an option to make the calendar open to all. The interface allows for a monthly view, so that all posts for the month could be shown at once.

Sadly, when I tried to enter a few post titles, I found that I could not also enter hyperlinks. In both the comments box and in the description box, hyperlinks showed up as text but not as links. There was no way to turn a post title into an active hyperlink.

Could be that I just didn't understand the interface, but, still, I'm reporting negative results. I'll keep trying to find a solution. Your suggestions are welcome.

In the meantime:

Hellllooooo, Google!
Blogger is your baby.
Google calendar is your baby.
Introduce them to each other already!

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