Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Change to comments

I've made a change in the comments. Anyone can still comment; you just need to be human to do it. To prove your humanity, word identification is now in place. This will, I hope, stop the computer spam that has started to creep into the site. Unfortunately, I know that the spam is there (I get notice via email when someone comments on the site), but I haven't found it yet. When I do, I will delete it. If it (the spam) is offensive, please accept my apologies. If word identification is a problem, you can send email to tan AT texasaids DOT net and let me know.

After a hiatus on the blog, I will be back posting significant items that cropped up in the past three months. I won't, however, give you the gory details of relocating the office, setting up the computers all over again, or two hurricanes.

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