Tuesday, October 04, 2005

KFF Webcast on Medicare Part D

LIVE Webcast - Ask the Experts: Medicare Part D

On Thursday, October 6, a panel of experts will answer questions about the Medicare Part D implementation during a live webcast of "Ask the Experts," a kaisernetwork.org program. Send questions in advance of the live program to ask@kaisernetwork.org .

WHAT: With sign ups for the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit less then two months away, this live webcast will address how implementation of Medicare Part D is proceeding. The discussion will be moderated by Kaiser Family Foundation Vice President and kaisernetwork.org Editor-in-Chief Larry Levitt.

WHO: The panel of experts:
  • Leslie Norwalk, Esq., deputy administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
  • Tricia Neuman, Sc.D., vice president, Kaiser Family Foundation and director, Medicare Policy Project
  • Aileen Harper, executive director, Center for Health Care Rights
WHEN: Thursday, October 6 at 2:00 p.m. ET

WHERE: Watch the live webcast on kaisernetwork.org. http://cme.kff.org/Key=9269.F9l.C.D.n7Nhz

HOW: The panel of experts will take your phone calls and emails. Send questions in advance to ask@kaisernetwork.org or call 1-888-524-7378 during the live broadcast.

Please note: The toll-free phone number will function only during the live program and is for submitting questions only. The program is accessible via webcast on the Internet and not via teleconference. If you have never viewed a webcast before, please test your media player in advance of the live webcast at http://cme.kff.org/Key=9269.F9l.D.D.CC7Ryt.

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