Wednesday, October 12, 2005

DSHS HIV Stakeholder Meetings

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), HIV and STD Program is planning to hold a series of stakeholder meetings throughout the state this fall and winter. The purpose of these meetings is to:
  • Discuss the implications of decreased federal funding
  • Discuss HRSA guidance and related challenges
  • Solicit stakeholders' thoughts and ideas on how to best address the two issues above.
The meetings will include a brief presentation by DSHS staff and round table discussions addressing the following questions:
  • What can be done to simplify local administration and reduce costs?
  • What can be done to simplify local planning and reduce costs?
  • What changes to services and/or planning boundaries are needed to simplify activities and reduce cost?

Below is a schedule of the meeting dates, times and locations. Please invite other stakeholders who may be interested in participating. If you have questions regarding the meeting, please contact Jenny McFarlane at 512-533-3094.


October 24, 2005, 1-4pm
Austin State Hospital, 4110 Guadalupe
Building 636, Room 1102

October 27, 2005, 1-4pm
DSHS Region 2/3 Office
Bank One Building, 1301 South Bowen Road Suite 200, Conference Room 2210

November 3, 2005, 1-4pm
DSHS Region 11 Office
601 West Sesame Drive, Rockport Room

November 15, 2005, 1-4pm
Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services - Main Office
2223 West Loop South
Fifth Floor Auditorium, Room 532
Parking: Parking is free in the parking garage located behind and attached to office complex. The building is located on Loop 610 near the Galleria area, on the north bound feeder road between Westheimer and San Felipe.

December 8, 1-4pm
DSHS Region 9/10
2301 N. Big Spring St., Suite 300 (Conference Room)

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