Thursday, September 14, 2006

Talking point: Texas health workforce

The Statewide Health Coordinating Council is in the process of finalizing its report on healthcare workforce issues in Texas through its 2007-2008 State Health Plan Update. If you're interested, the stats and graphs showing number, distribution, education, and even age (they are so getting older) are included in Chapter 2: Status of the Health Workforce in TX. SHCC's recommendations to the legislature are included in Appendix A: 2005-2010 Texas State Health Plan Recommendations. On page 6 of those recommendations, under "Primary Care Recommendations," we find this little gem:

1. The Legislature should support initiatives that will support public health prevention and education programs in an effort to decrease the incidence and severity of chronic disease in the population by enabling individuals to take personal responsibility for their health.
Yes, I know there are some code words in here, most notably the infamous "personal responsibility," but, used carefully, this can serve as a talking point in support of the legislative appropriation request for increased funding for HIV services and prevention.

The health workforce is going to be an issue of significant concern to the Texas Legislature when it convenes in January. Aligning the request for increased funding for HIV prevention and services with this concern can be useful in creating a more positive reception for the request.

I do not, however, see this as the whole burden of one's argument in support of this funding, but rather as a passing reference that "appeals" to authority of the SHCC. For example, "Senator So-and-So, this request is precisely the sort of initiative that is included by the Statewide Health Coordinating Council in its recommendations for improving primary care in Texas." Then move on to your other points. If there's any question, you have the reference to the original and can quote it.

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