Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Condom ad

A friend sent me a video of a condom ad from East Africa. I tracked it down to at least one web site. Go see it. It's fun.

The caption at the end is "Maisha iko sawa na Trust." There may be some double meanings here as well. My first reading was that it meant "Life is the same as Trust," i.e., life = Trust. A second reading made me think that the phrase was somewhat more idiomatic and might mean "Life is good with Trust."

Trust is the condom brand. The phrase seems to have been their ad slogan for some years. The video and discussions of it have been viral, showing up in web discussions in several languages. The consensus seems to go with my second translation, but I kinda like the first, since it focuses so clearly on the prevention concept rather than a more hedonistic ethic. Still, it's a clever ad. Look for the old baba in the car.


Viagra Online said...

I think that the condoms in the East Africa is so important because the AIDS is a big problem in this place, I think that it is so important and you can learn a lot of things about the health!22dd

viagra said...

hahaha ok that's an unusual use for a condom haha anyway nice add.

pay per head said...

Whoa! Amazing! Bad with words 'cause everything is so good!

mary jackie said...

Maisha iko sawa na Trust means that Life is Better with Trust---direct translation.

@Viagra Online, the use of condom has got nothing to do with Aids but with having Responsible Sex.