Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A little metablogging

I'm looking back over the month of August (yes, I didn't post much; no, I'm probably not going to back post; yes, it was an awful month) and checking up on user stats.

  • It was nice to see Texas folks drop by the site. They came from Austin, McKinney, DeSoto, Dallas, Plano, San Antonio, Duncanville, Houston, and Tyler last month.
  • It's interesting to see how the ClustrMap is developing. I haven't gotten around to finding another mapping service; this one may or may not redeem itself. The date on the current map doesn't coordinate with the numbers. I'm pretty sure that that lone dot off on the right side of Africa is supposed to be in Tanzania, not Uganda (hi, Jen). But it's always nice to see lots of dots from lots of places, and another tracking service (Tracksy) is telling me that people really are coming from from various parts of the world for one reason or another. Brazil may show up on the map eventually (at least, Tracksy suggests that it will), giving us (at last) "full coverage" of the continents.
  • We noticed that a couple of people tried to sign up as email subscribers in the past few weeks and then didn't show up on the subscriber list. I contacted FeedBlitz about this, wondering if there was some glitch with the feed (or their software). The problem seems to be that signing up is a two-step process. You enter your email address to subscribe and then you confirm your subscription when a confirmation email is sent to that address. If this is not the problem, please let me know.
  • ZoomClouds, who provides our current tag cloud is now definitely a keeper. I am tinkering with the format a bit, trying to change the background and setting things up so that the search results that come from clicking on a link pop up in a new window (so you don't lose your place on the blog), but we can only wait and see how well my tinkering works. The good news (for me, at least) is that ZoomClouds has added statistics to its service. I'm sure that I will eventually learn a great deal from these stats about the things that readers are looking for and how to provide more of it. One thing that I have learned already is that you are using the tag cloud to get around the site. In June, for example, you used the tag cloud 273 times to find information on the site. Cool beans. One thing that I can already see from the links that you have clicked is that there are some really weird tags showing up. What I long for is the day that Blogger actually allows for creating tags on each post. Won't that be fun?

And that's it for this month's meta. Unless I think of something else or decide to do more tinkering.

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