Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Medicare Part D: Fraud bait

Not doubt this is one of many alerts that CMS will need to issue about scams designed to take advantage of consumers as they try to negotiate the enrollment maze. While this particular scam has not yet been reported in Texas, these things tend to come in waves. Knocked down in one state, they often move on to another state to do the same thing.

No Medicare drug plan can ask a person with Medicare for bank account or other personal information over the telephone. No beneficiary should ever provide that kind of information to a caller. They should contact their local police department if they believe someone is trying to take money or information from them illegally.
. . .
In addition, legitimate Medicare drug plans will not ask for payment over the telephone or the Internet. They must bill the beneficiary for the monthly premium. Typically, that amount is set up as an automatic withdrawal from the beneficiary’s monthly Social Security check. Beneficiaries may also opt to pay the monthly premiums in other ways such as writing a check or setting up automatic payments from their checking accounts.

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