Monday, March 13, 2006

AIDSWatch 2006

AIDSWatch is an annual advocacy event, held in Washington, DC. People come from all over the country to learn about HIV/AIDS issues and meet with their congressional representatives to talk about those issues. I've attended several of these events and always found them to be energizing and inspirational. It's a chance to meet advocates from other states, share experiences, learn new techniques, make new friends.

This year's event is sponsored by the National Association of People with AIDS (NAPWA). It is scheduled for May 8-10.

Registration is free. This year there are no scholarships for travel, and hotel prices are so expensive in DC that you are being advised to stay outside of DC proper and commute via the Metro (easy even for Texans who are used to driving everywhere).

This is no hill for a stepper. Do a little fundraising locally for your housing and meal costs, see if the airlines will help you out with a ticket--but try to attend. We certainly need your voice in DC.

If all else fails, however, grab the briefing materials from the NAPWA web site and set up visits with your congressional representatives in their district offices. NAPWA suggests that you visit during the dates of AIDSWatch, but you might also note that there are "district work periods" in both April and May/June when your representatives may be personally available for meetings. And don't forget to check out this presentation on "The District Visit" for some tips.

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