Thursday, March 23, 2006

Center for Public Policy Priorities

On the previous story, I was searching for something on the Center for Public Policy Priorities' web site that was, I thought, prepared by that organization and relevant to the discussion of access problems during the transition for Medicare Part D. Couldn't find it. But the act of searching does give me an opportunity to highlight CPPP's redesigned web site (very spiffy) and the access that it provides to all of the good work that they are doing. While HIV/AIDS is not so much on their radar, poverty and family issues are. So is the work that Anne Dunkelberg, in particular, does on access to medications. While she is often looking at access from a different perspective, she is looking at the same systems that matter to people with HIV/AIDS. I recommend a visit to the site and a look at Anne's work if you want to see more on the nuts and bolts of health care for poor folks in Texas.

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