Thursday, March 23, 2006

HHSC meeting with TIES, Part D, and Medicaid cost sharing reports

The Texas HHSC Council will meet tomorrow. Three key reports will be discussed:
  • Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment Update--enrollments are down; there aren't enough state employees, who have been and will be laid off because of the outsourcing of program elements, to do the work required for the transition; oopsie!
  • Medicare Rx Update--Texas has paid out about $7.2 million for Medicare prescriptions, which will be reimbursed under the waiver (which expires at the end of the month); there are still problems with covered medications to be resolved; oopsie!
  • Deficit Reduction Act Report--there's still some blood in the Texas turnip, but not as much as Congress thought (could that be because Texas Medicaid is one of the cheapest in the country?).

Could be a painful meeting for compassionate conservatives. For the Texas HIV/AIDS community, the pain has been there for a while.

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