Thursday, February 02, 2006

Support Medicare reform

Consumers Union is running a campaign to get HR 752 out of committee and moving through the legislative process in congress. The bill would create a simplified alternative to the current mess of programs being offered through Medicare Part D by creating a Medicare-run pharmacy benefit program. Their campaign is being conducted in the name of "seniors," but, of course, it will help people living with HIV/AIDS, too. Here's the message that CU wants you to have:

Right now, a bill that would help simplify Medicare for seniors and save taxpayers money is bottled up in a House committee. We need your help to bring it to a vote! 218 members of Congress must sign a petition about 80 have signed so far.

Tell your representatives to give seniors a break and bring the Medicare bill to a vote!

The Medicare drug benefit is extremely confusing for seniors, due to the scores of private plans from which they must choose. HR 752 will help make the Medicare drug benefit much simpler by offering an alternative a Medicare-operated drug plan that will have predictable premiums, co-pays and a dependable list of covered drugs.

HR 752 also will save taxpayers significant amounts of money by allowing Medicare to negotiate the best possible drug prices for seniors.

Support HR 752 today! Visit:

The link takes you to a page that provides more information about the campaign and a handy email form to send a message to your congressperson. For more information about the bill itself, click here.

Texas Representatives who have already signed on:

Lloyd Doggett
Al Green
Gene Green
Eddie Bernice Johnson
Sheila Jackson-Lee
Solomon P. Ortiz
Silvestre Reyes

You can drop them a "thank you" through their web sites. If your congressman is not on this list, do go send them a message through the CU website.

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