Friday, February 03, 2006

Mapping our visitors

What a surprise! I've tinkered with the template again, this time adding a ClustrMap to show where visitors to Texas AIDS Blog are coming from. It's over in the sidebar. Although the actual mapping won't start until tomorrow, I expect that we will all need to be patient for a few days to give the little circles a chance to accumulate.

Here at the Network started doing some more serious tracking of visits and page views three months ago, generating all sorts of tables and statistics to see how we were doing. Our "target audience" is, of course, the Texas HIV/AIDS community. I was quite pleased to see that a plurality of our visitors did indeed come from Texas and that most of our visitors were interested in what we had to say about HIV/AIDS. There were, however, some interesting "outliers," if you will. Visitors have come from as far away as China; we've had several visitors from the Middle East. Salaam alaikum, ya'll. There was an astonishing number of searches for a particular Medicare prescription drug plan from Humana, which we happened to mention in one post.

As for Texas, we've had visitors from:

Abilene ~ Addison ~ Alvin ~ Arlington ~ Athens ~ Austin
College Station ~ Dallas ~ Denton ~ Floresville ~ Fort Worth
Greenville ~ Houston ~ Irving ~ Kingwood ~ Lubbock
Mission ~ Pampa ~ Plano ~ San Angelo ~ San Antonio
Sherman ~ Tampa ~Temple ~ The Woodlands ~ Tyler ~ Waco

See what I mean about local communities? Maybe the ClustrMap will give us a different perspective on "community."

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