Tuesday, November 22, 2005

New resources from MTV and the Kaiser Family Foundation

An announcement from MTV and KFF (but I had to fill in the links):

The Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV are partners on think: Sexual Health, a campaign to inform young people about HIV/AIDS, other STDs and related issues. The partnership includes targeted public service announcements (PSAs), long-form documentary and entertainment programming, news segments, and free resources, including the It's Your (Sex) Life guide developed especially for the
campaign, and a comprehensive website.

We would like to let you know about some new resources for your education
and outreach efforts, which are available to you free of cost.

As part of our series of MTV News segments, we have a two-part program that
shadows MTV News Correspondent Gideon Yago visiting a health center to be tested for STDs and HIV. The program addresses some of the barriers that many young people face around testing, including fear, lack of information, cost and confidentiality. It also profiles Gideon going back to pick up his results and talking with his health care provider.

This piece may be useful to you in your outreach efforts with youth, in your waiting rooms or as part of a broader curriculum around these issues. You may use it with the campaign's updated It's Your (Sex) Life guide, which provides information on decision making, communication, HIV and other STDs (including prevention and testing). The show is available for free in VHS format, and free copies of the It's
Your (Sex) Life
guide are also available.

For information about the partnership, learn more about the campaign or visit the campaign website.

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