Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Conduct HIV research at home

Rarely does a news story cause me to exclaim out loud, but this one did. It seems that the Scripps Research Institute in San Diego is coordinating an effort to use 100,000 personal computers (like yours and mine) to conduct research on HIV medications when the owner is not using them. According to the Institute's press release, the project is sponsored by IBM, is called "FightAIDS@Home," and anyone can sign on at to be part of the World Community Grid.


Brad said...

I've started up a team for AIDS Combat Zone readers (link). It's pretty easy to join, or to start up your own team for Texas AIDS Blog readers.

Carolyn said...

That looks pretty cool, Brad. I checked out your team and can see that you are busily racking up hours of research (and points).

I'll have to see what I can do to set up a team. (I am also way less capable than you in setting up things on Blogger. I did get the World AIDS Day logo up, but I had quite a time doing it.)