Friday, March 25, 2005

Legislature at Half-way Point

We have passed the 70th day of the 79th regular session, marking the end the first half of the session. So far:

  • 3484 bills and 1072 resolutions were filed in the House. Because of the 60 day rule, relatively few additional bills would be expected for the remainder of the session.
  • Of the House bills filed in the first half, 192 received favorable committee votes and 27 of those were then passed by the House.
  • 1787 bills and 500 resolutions were filed in the Senate in the first half.
  • Of the Senate bills, 152 received favorable committee votes and 45 of those were passed by the Senate.
  • Only 1 joint resolution was approved by its originating chamber during the first half.
  • No bills or joint resolutions have yet been approved by both houses. 43 concurrent resolutions, all ceremonial in nature, passed both houses in the first half and 35 of those were signed by the governor.

Bills passed by the Senate must also be passed by the House (and vice versa) before they are sent to the Governor for his signature or veto. We're half-way through it all, but there is still a long way to go.

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