Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Notes on changes

Again, nothing much for changes, but I've added a link to the "AIDS Clock" in the sidebar, updated the reading list, and at least tried to do something about that raggedy tag cloud.

The AIDS Clock link takes you to the United Nations Fund for Population Activities page. The "clock" is a number that gets updated every six-and-a-half seconds as yet another person becomes infected with HIV. The clock also tells us when someone dies from AIDS--every ten seconds.

I did try to post this as a graphic, since the site does provide a some graphic links, but that didn't work. The plain text will have to do for now.

The Additional Reading list in the sidebar comes from Google Reader. I've added a couple more source feeds to the reading list, so that should expand the pool of readings that will be coming through.

The tag cloud from Zoom Clouds sorta works like it's supposed to. It does seem to get updated now and then. It doesn't look anything like the cloud template that I created and just seems to fall off the edges of the sidebar. The "keyword" list is limited to 50, and it is supposed to show word count frequency. However, there seem to be some filters applied that I can't quite figure out.

This page of blog posts (everything posted prior to the current post for seven days) has 2,454 words. Of those, 1,108 are unique (not repeated). "AIDS" is the most frequent word, but it is used 65 times, not the 14 that showed up in the tag cloud prior to a manual update. "Shalala" now shows up in the cloud, but is listed as only 3 occurrences when the actual word count for her last name (again, prior to this post) was 9.

None of this, of course, gets at the need for real tags and category labels for the various blog posts. I'm still working on figuring out how to do that. In the meantime, I will just keep manually entering the tags that I think we will need for the cloud, and, if they are words that are actually used in a post, hope that they eventually show up.

The top 10 words on this page (prior to this post and not counting dates and my own name)?: AIDS, HIV, risk, prevention, Texas, health, she, will, links, funding. I guess that means that I talk about preventing HIV/AIDS, money, female persons, staying healthy, and the future. I can live with that.

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