Monday, May 30, 2005

Join the Caravan to End AIDS

C2EA--the Caravan to End AIDS--calls for action:

Join the Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA)! An exciting new coalition of people living with HIV/AIDS, our advocates, organizations, and coalitions, united in action with our allies to chart a new course towards an end to the AIDS pandemic.

This summer, we are calling on people living with HIV/AIDS and organizations that serve them. We are mobilizing the veterans of the AIDS movement and a new generation of fighters. We are raising the stakes by organizing ten caravans of AIDS activists to travel through all 50 states in America this fall. We will stop in cities and towns along the way to meet people fighting this disease. Together, we will draft a Road Map to End AIDS, learned from the hard won lessons of two and a half decades of survival. And in October, these caravans will converge in Washington DC for five days of action and a March to End AIDS.

Start your summer by joining us in this concerted mobilization of the AIDS movement. Go to www.EndAIDSNow.ORG and register.

Once you sign-on, you will receive information on how to:

  • Become a rider on a caravan or help organize the route coming through your state.
  • Organize local welcome committees and media events.
  • Participate in fundraising efforts and attend local fundraising shindigs.
  • Connect with like-minded people from around the country and sharpen your media, fundraising, and organizing skills.

We have the tools to end the AIDS pandemic, Let's use them!Visit www.EndAIDSNow.Org and register TODAY.

On Memorial Day, we have many brave souls to thank and remember. In the AIDS epidemic, there are also many to remember. Texas AIDS Network has a banner that we sometimes trot out for events. It says "Texas Remembers, Texas Responds." Remembrance is important. So is responding. C2EA looks like a good way to respond.

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