Monday, November 20, 2006

Texas AIDS Network 2007 bill track

The Network will be (as much as time and staff resources permit) posting its tracking list for the 80th Texas Legislature on line. The bill track--so far--has three levels of tracking.
  • HIV/STD: Bills on this list specifically address HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. The Network may take a position for or against these bills, may actively support or oppose them through testimony or other means, and may request the Texas HIV/AIDS community to do the same. The Network will also write bill analyses that relate them to the Network's policy principles.
  • Related: Bills on this list have the potential to affect HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, or care even though they do not specifically reference HIV/AIDS or sexually transmitted disease. The Network may take a position for or against these bills, may support or oppose them in hearings, but may not invest significant resources in doing so. The Network will track the progress of these bills and look for changes that may have an effect, either positive or negative, on prevention, treatment, or care.
  • Of Interest: Bills on this list have the potential to affect the context, such as the social or overall health care environment, in which HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, or care occur. The Network will review these bills for negative or positive impact and take action as resources are available. In most cases, the Network will simply monitor their progress through the legislative process.

Bills may be moved from one list to another depending upon Network resources and the degree to which they may be expected to have an effect on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, and care.


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