Friday, July 28, 2006

Web site collects HIV/AIDS prevention videos

Eric Krock, Executive Director of, has sent us a notice that this organization has been

busy creating a free basic HIV/AIDS video curriculum in English. On the web site, you can already see:
- Introduction to HIV and AIDS: What You Need to Know (17 min.)
- Top Ten Myths About HIV/AIDS (9 min.)
- Crystal Methamphetamine and HIV: The Connection (7 min.)

Krock says that the curriculum will be rounded out with a video on prevention for positives and one on sterilizing drug works in the near future. The next phase of the organization's work includes getting this basic "doctor-approved" curriculum translated and filmed in "every language in the world."

In the meantime, the site provides links to videos already available in other languages and English from several other organizations, including PBS, faith-based organizations, and others.

The videos are free for viewing online or for downloading. The site takes a neutral point of view, but acknowledges that some of the video sources to which it links may not. This looks like a good resource for prevention workers and for individuals seeking prevention information.


Brad said...


This post has been featured in the 2nd edition of the International Carnival of the Pozitivities at AIDS Combat Zone. Be sure to check it out, and please consider supporting the carnival by posting a link to it in your blog. Thank you!


Carolyn said...

Thanks, Brad. I will link to the Carnival. This is very exciting, and I am really glad to see this activity getting started. We will do all we can to support it.

Anonymous said...

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