Monday, June 27, 2005

Texas HIV Testing Follow-Up Day

Today is National HIV Testing Day. Since many people who get tested for HIV do not return for their test results, the HIV/STD Division of the Texas State Department of Health Services is sponsoring a Follow-Up Day to encourage people to get those test results. Follow-Up Day is scheduled for July 11. The Division has more information available on its website/

In 2001, there were 106,143 HIV tests reported to the Texas Department of Health. Approximately 33 percent of those persons who received HIV tests did not return for their results. Approximately 67 percent of the persons who tested negative returned to the clinic for their results. Among positive results, the return rate was 83 percent, meaning that 17 percent did NOT return for their test results. Therefore, there were 235 people who tested positive for HIV and did not receive their test results.

The goal of this event is to get HIV test results to EVERY person who is tested for HIV in the State of Texas in order to prevent the further spread of HIV.

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