Monday, February 07, 2005

The President's Budget & HIV/AIDS

According to the federal Office of Management and Budget, President Bush has addressed HIV/AIDS thusly in his proposed budget for federal FY 2006:

Battling HIV/AIDS:
o The Budget devotes almost $18 billion for domestic AIDS prevention, treatment, and research, including almost $2.1 billion for the Ryan White CARE Act program (and its comprehensive approach to address the health needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS.)
o Under the President’s five-year, $15 billion Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, the Administration has moved quickly and efficiently to mobilize the scientific and programmatic expertise,leadership, and resources of HHS and other Federal government agencies and their partners both here and abroad.

Without specific numbers, this sounds like so much smoke screen. The Ryan White CARE Act numbers don't sound like an increase, but, at this level of rounding, it would be hard to tell.

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